Is Modile.gr just an e-shop?

No Α. ΣΟΛΔΑΤΟΥ & ΣΙΑ ΟΕ is large importing and trading company with physical headquarters and two retail outlets in Athens, where anyone can come and learn and buy any of our product.

The company only sells retail?

The Α. ΣΟΛΔΑΤΟΥ & ΣΙΑ ΟΕ company is a large import company with sales throughout Greece primarily to wholesale customers. We maintain warehouses and a huge range of products. It can serve multiple large wholesale orders throughout Greece in the same day.

Are there any products othe rthan the ones on Modile.gr?

Modile.gr is updated continously. Unfortunately it is not possible for all products to be registered. The company has a huge selection of car batteries, boats, special trucks machines vessels MOTO etc. in all formats and technologies. Our motto is: IF A BATTERY DOES NOT EXIST IN OUR STOCK THEN IT DOES NOT EXIST IN GREECE EITHER.

How long will it take until you send me a product that i am interested in?

The company as you read above maintains large warehouses with READY PRODUCTS so we may send even large quantities in every part of Greece in th SAME DAY.

How can I be informed on the terms on which I can buy products from Modile?

Read “Terms Of Use”

I have a vacation house without electricity and I am interested in photovoltaics. What should I do?

Contact us so we can send you a teachnical offer according to your needs and your desires.