Lead Batteries

Instructions - Installation

Lead batteries (lead – acid) are manufactured in huge variety and for a wide range of applications thus dominating the market because of their low cost and on their relatively very good capabilities.

Lead batteries, though, have several drawbacks that you should know because they affect both the life of the battery and the power of the guarantee while also hiding security risks.

  1. ATTENTION!!! The rules for maintenance of other types of batteries (nickel cadmium, lithium, etc.) ARE NOT APPLICABLE on lead batteries and can create irreversible damage. The Lead Acid batteries do not exhibit the memory effect and can not be stored while discharged. They are too sensitive to the phenomenon of SULFATION.
  2. A lead battery must always be charged, while in case of discharge it must be recharged as soon as possible. Completely discharged battery goes through rapid sulfation that results in destruction. WARRANTY IS NOT APPLICABLE
  3. If a battery is not used, it must be charged regularly to replenish losses from self-discharge. In open type batteries charging must be done every 20-30 days while in modern batteries with calcium alloy every 8 to 10 months. Slow discharging of the battery leads after some time to its complete discharge and then at sulfation. WARRANTY IS NOT APPLICABLE
  4. If a battery is connected to a vehicle which is stationary then you should know that besides battery self-discharge a small but significant load from the battery is used to maintain the brain of the car and the alarm. In these cases you need to charge the battery every week or disconnect a battery terminal and follow the instructions of par. 3
  5. If your battery is the open type regularly check the fluid level and properly fill it with deionized water of good quality. Do not overfill the battery. If the battery is left without liquid it is destroyed. WARRANTY IS NOT APPLICABLE.
  6. Always use suitable chargers for charging the batteries when required. An inappropriate charger may damage the battery. WARRANTY IS NOT APPLICABLE.
  7. ATTENTION!!! to the safety rules. Lead batteries generate hydrogen that in proportion to the air is highly explosive. Keep flames, sparks or smoke away from the battery. EXPLOSION DANGER.
    The explosion of the battery can destroy it completely and seriously injure your eyes. WARRANTY IS NOT APPLICABLE
  8. ATTENTION!!! Great attention to the connection and disconnection of the battery in each application. Do not let metal objects on the battery. Short circuit of the lead battery can give too large currents which may lead to fire and finally maybe to explosion. WARRANTY IS NOT APPLICABLE.
  9. A big mistake which unfortunately is inadvertently reproduced by technical books is to remove the covers of the battery when charging. Never remove the caps unless you want to add liquid. The risk of battery explosion is multiplied with open lids. All caps are fitted with a special vent from the manufacturer.
  10. Lead batteries containing sulfuric acid which is highly corrosive and dangerous. Wash thoroughly with plenty of water, especially if it falls on your eyes and seek medical advice.
  11. If the battery is used to start the vehicle should be aware that the ignition of the vehicle must be in good condition. Partially shorted starter results in very large power loads on the motor vehicle resulting in the gradual destruction of the battery. WARRANTY IS NOT APPLICABLE.
  12. High temperatures above 55 ° C deplete the battery. This applies mainly to taxis operating in cities such as Athens or cars circulating a lot in city centers. WARRANTY IS NOT APPLICABLE
  13. If the battery is used for discharge applications (charge-discharge) you should strictly follow the instructions given to you. 100% discharge of each type of lead battery leads to immediate destruction. WARRANTY IS NOT APPLICABLE
  14. Do not dispose of lead batteries in the sea or in garbage bins. Severe damage to the environment. Strictly prohibited by law. Take your old batteries to companies and stores that have recycling bin.