Terms of Use

Modile can now offer to all customers throughout Greece high quality products at highly competitive prices. Our motto is THE ENTIRE GREECE IS A NEIGHBORHOOD.

You can select the product you want, order it and have it delivered anywhere in Greece you are within THE SAME DAY. Read the terms and conditions governing your dealings with the Modile.

For any additional information please contact at: +30210 5735873 fax +30210 5762834


The sharing of your personal information such as name, surname, address, TIN, Tax, phones are a prerequisite for the sale of our products to you especially if they are to be sent outside Athens. The Modile company accepting both the Greek legislation and international conventions on personal data explicitly states that it is not in any way to make any use of such data or to allocate them to third parties other than those necessary for the execution of your order without your approval.


You can buy any product from us in two ways:
1) From our head office in cash or using your credit card. We reserve two outlets in Athens. Our office address and our full details can be found in the main MENU “Contact Us”
2) If you are outside of Athens can be ordered through our website or by phone. Payment is made by deposit in the accounts that you will find below. We deliver our products the SAME DAY after payment
If the product is light it delivered to your home via courier company (courier).

Paying with cash on delivery. The batteries cannot be sent by courier.

Attention!!! No transaction is not executed without first given by our company approved product availability. Read “AVAILABILITY APPROVAL.”


NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE (ΙΒΑΝ) GR80 011 016 400 000 16444 133694

EUROBANK 00260 184 700 200 306217
EUROBANK (ΙΒΑΝ) GR45 0260 1840 000 700 2003 06217

Account owner: Α.Σολδάτου & Σια ΟΕ

If the transaction is done automatically through our website choose bank deposit and follow the instructions given to you. Print all information and with the printed page go to the bank for payment. Do not forget to provide your order number and your full name on the deposit.


1) BY COURIER COMPANY. Light products can be sent by courier to your house and be paid on delivery.

2) BY TRANSPORT COMPANY. Products are properly packed and delivered by us in conveyor which transports goods in your area. The transportation companies have trucks on duty daily and cover all cities and towns of Greece and even large villages. You receive your product from the premises of the company with your identity. Many transport companies deliver at home with a special agreement regarding costs. The main advantage of transport operators is the low transfer rate ranging from approximately 4-10 € per piece depending on volume and weight. Transportation costs borne by you.

Our company DELIVERS THE SAME DAY to carriers as long as payment has been made.


The company operates largely in WHOLESALE covering all Greece so our stock in a product may be changed abruptly. For this reason any orders you make online will have to wait availability check. You will be sent via email if any products you put in your cart are available and retained for you to make the payment.


Sign up to our website by filling the information requested. Via email you will immediately receive your username and password.

The data registered (address, tel, etc.) will be used when sending the products.

Upon payment you will be asked if you want your purchase to be as professional or as private (invoice or bill) If invoice fill in your tax information. After your order and payment you have the ability to track the progress of your order.


Modile reserves the right to change prices and specifications without notice