MODILE BATTERY was founded in 1991 and deals with the retail sale of batteries in the store that we maintain until today on the Thebes street. The trust of our customers in us and in our products has made us think in order to look for customers outside of Attica in order to create a network of partners all over Greece. Thus, Modile can provide energy everywhere. In 2000 we managed to complete this network as well as introducing other brands, such as IMOLA MADE IN EUROPE and ZAP MADE IN POLAND, so that we can get above all the needs of our customers.

If we had to tell you in one sentence what characterizes us, it would be: “IF WE DON’T HAVE THE BATTERY YOU WANT, YOU CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE IN GREECE”

Nowadays with the quality of our products, our competitive prices and the collaborations we have created with the world's largest battery manufacturing factories, such as GLOBAL KOREAN BATTERY, DELKOR KOREA BATTERY, EAST PEN USA, we have managed to be one of the largest companies with vehicle batteries in the Greek market.

You can find us in our modern facilities, suitable for the storage and maintenance of our batteries in Iasiou 2 in Peristeri, at our branch in Thivon 426 in Ilion and across Greece through our associates.