Battery selection

for photovoltaic

Many consumers today are trying to meet basic energy needs (lighting, tv) and more advanced needs such as refrigerators, PC etc with autonomous systems.

The rapid decline in the prices of photovoltaic combined with our country’s long hours of sunshine make such solutions in many cases advantageous especially in recent years of crisis.

An essential and major component of such a system is the BATTERY in which the energy is stored from the sun, wind, etc. so that we can consume it whenever we want.

Today the most economical solution is Lead batteries. They are cheap, reliable and produced in a huge variety of both applications and forms. They have, however, several disadvantages and require special attention during both the selection and use.

With the help of internet many consumers are bombarded by information and try themselves to choose battery whether they need it for a small system or a larger one.

What you should always have in mind is that there is no given battery life in autonomous systems.

Do not give basis to ads which promise a lifetime of 10 to 15 years.
The battery life in such systems depends on:

  • The daily consumption you will have.
  • The size of the battery, its capacity.
  • IF your autonomus system functions all year long (permanent residence) or functions seasonally (vacation residence).
  • The kind and construction of the battery.

Using the battery in autonomous photovoltaic systems is the heaviest use which may be made in battery and can damage your battery even in a quarter of a year.

Practical advice :

  • Consult a specialist before you select.
  • Select battery with much more Ah than you need. If you have figured out that you need eg 50Ah per day select at least twice as much or four times as this gives longer life to the battery.
  • Choose a company that you trust and who will recommend proven batteries to such use.
  • Do not think that AGM batteries or GEL ones last longer in such systems, unless specifically manufactured for this purpose but their costs are up to three times the conventional.
  • Ensure proper battery charging during use. Poor or insufficient charging leads to rapid breakdown.
  • If you have no maintenance problem (control fluid each semester etc.) select suitable open type batteries which are much more affordable and in many cases have greater resistance to such applications.
  • Our company offers FREE technical assistance in terms of battery selection for the autonomous system.

Do not hesitate to contact us at sending us details on your system, on what you want to consume, on whether you want to use it daily or seasonally etc. so we can give u practical and reliable solutions about the battery with the lowest cost.