Renewable Energy


Energy and environmental destruction are the major problems of our time. Traditional energy sources like coal, oil in a few years will be exhausted. Modern society is asked to solve two major problems without stopping progress and civilization. Find clean energy and also protect the environment.

Renewable energy sources are inexhaustible, do not pollute the environment and it’s free. Solar power and wind energy can be converted into electricity without producing pollutants in order to meet our needs.

Photovoltaic and Wind turbines convert the free and renewable energy source of nature in clean electricity.

Renewable energy using photovoltaic and wind turbines can be used with excellent results in the following cases:

  • In areas with large and frequent blackouts.
  • In country houses without electricity.
  • In television and radio repeaters.
  • In caravans, boats.
  • In farms.
  • In fish farms.
  • For pumping water.
  • Generally wherever 220 volt are required and grid is not available.

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for every case and for every need.
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Renewable energy sources, especially sun and wind are low energy sources. It is inconceivable that their use without the simultaneous effort energy SAVING. Those who want to use such energy sources either of necessity or in their effort to become independent from the grid should, above all, review their energy consumption habits and make several compromises. The use of renewable energy without saving energy is irrational and uneconomic.