One of the biggest problems of our time is to protect the environment. Environmental protection concerns us all and we all need to raise awareness and take action in this area.

Modile actively participates in environmental protection having special trashcan fro Lead batteries so that old batteries are not discarded into the environment. It has also signed a special contract with the company ΣΥ.ΔΕ.ΣΥΣ for teh assured collection and recycling of batteries. The ΣΥ.ΔΕ.ΣΥΣ company is the sole responsible collector of old lead batteries according to the law of Greek state.

Also according to ΠΔ 115/2004 our company includes special recycling tax on any lead battery price which is attached on behalf of our client. All our values of lead acid batteries include the recycling tax.

Lead batteries which are used in cars, motorcycles, boats, ships, UPSes, toys etc. are manufactured from the three following materials:

  • Plastic. Mainly polypropylene. Does not directly pollute the environment but because it has a long life is not easily disrupted thus remaining in the environment for many decades.
  • Electrolyte. It is a solution of sulfuric acid in pure water in a ratio of about 30%. It is a caustic acid and a poison dangerous to our health. Also discarded into the environment it disrupts the PH of the water.
  • Lead. Lead Batteries consist mainly of a proportion of metallic lead and its compounds (lead sulfate and oxides). Lead is highly toxic, polluting the water table and causes enough damage to the body.

Accordingly the discharge of lead batteries in either the environment or the trash or the sea is a CRIME against the environment and consequently against the next generations.

Take the old batteries in stores with a specialized recycling bin

Do not throw in any case the batteries in the sea, rivers or lakes.

Do not dispose of old batteries in the bins for household waste.